About Great Escape Media

Looking for a passionate, hardworking and fun team to work with on your next project? Look no further...

Based in Denver, Colorado, we want to act as if we’re your in-house content production & strategy team. Someone you can lean on and trust with all the projects you need help with!

We love working with brands and on projects that have a passion for the outdoors, love a good plate of food, or really anything that has to do with the creative and adventureous lifestyle our team likes to live! We spend our weeks putting a gigantic amount of passion into our work and our weekends outside, dirt covered and coming home to check out the newest restaurant up the street.


meet brennah

Brennah has been working in the outdoor industry for over 10 years and has worked with companies like Mountain Standard, The North Face, Backpacker Magazine and Climbing Magazine. She comes from a background in Advertising Photography and marketing and has spent the majority of her professional career helping grow startup brands through social media and producing content shoots to go along with the marketing.

She is passionate about growth, content marketing, content production, social media marketing and all things that go along with growing a new brand or being behind a camera.

Brennah earned her degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Professional Photographic Illustration & Marketing. Calling Denver home now, she spends her free time climbing, skiing, hiking, trying new restaurants and working out.